700 x 1200 Pre-Filled Electric Heated Towel Radiator Straight Chrome

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The 700 x 1200 Pre-Filled Electric Heated Towel Radiator Straight Chrome HTR is a stylish addition to any bathroom, ensuite or kitchen, combining beauty and utility. This product is precisely developed to improve the comfort and aesthetics of your environment, resulting in a premium experience.

The radiator is filled with at least 85% Reverse Osmosis (RO) water combined with anti-freeze (ethylene glycol), ensuring excellent performance and protection against freezing conditions, with a 10% air space allowed for expansion. This meticulous formulation ensures efficiency and lifespan.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • BS EN442 Standards Compliance: Each radiator is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the BS EN442 criteria for high-quality, safe functioning.
  • 10Bar Pressure Testing: To ensure a leak-free experience, the radiator is carefully tested at 10 bar pressure, delivering piece of mind and dependability.
  • Elegant Triple Layer Chrome Finish: With a triple-layer chrome finish, this radiator has a sleek, mirror-like look that is both sturdy and elegant, avoiding corrosion and adding to the visual appeal of your area.
  • Manufactured in the EU: Crafted with quality in the European Union, this radiator benefits from outstanding craftsmanship and materials, distinguishing it from Far Eastern counterparts.
  • Quick Dispatch and UK Stock:With stock easily available in the UK, we guarantee quick shipment timeframes, allowing for fast project completions or replacements.
  • Superior Heat Output: This towel radiator, designed for maximum heat output, efficiently heats towels and the surrounding area, bringing comfort and warmth into your environment.
  • Brackets Included: The radiator includes all essential components for an easy installation, guaranteeing a secure fit and quick setup.
  • Pre-Filled Convenience: This towel rail comes pre-filled with a variety of parts and is ready for use right away, enabling versatility and convenience from the minute it is placed.

centrah heating Dual Fuel Model


Width: 1200mm
Height 700mm
Bar Layout: 4 - 8 = 12 Total
Finish:  Sparkling Chrome
Heat Output:  359 W - 1223 Btu
Projection From Wall:  90-110mm
Style: Straight / flat
Warranty: 5 years on Towel Rail & 2 years on element
Pre-filled: Yes

Whats included in the box:

  • 4 x Adjustable brackets
  • 4 x Screws, rawl plugs and washers
  • 1 x Choice of Heating Element


  1. How does the 10% air gap in the radiator's filling contribute to its functionality? The 10% air gap is critical for allowing the fluid to expand within the radiator, preventing pressure buildup and increasing the unit's longevity and safety.

  2. What benefits does the triple-layer chrome finish provide? The triple-layer chrome treatment not only gives a magnificent visual appeal to the radiator, but it also provides strong protection against corrosion and wear, assuring its endurance and flawless appearance.

  3. Can this radiator be installed in any room?Yes, it is perfect for bathrooms because of its towel-warming capabilities, but its high heat output and beautiful appearance also make it suitable for kitchens, ensuites, and utility rooms.

  4. Is the installation of this radiator complex? All essential brackets are included in the installation procedure, making it simple to complete. Professional installation is advised for best performance and safety.

  5. Why is European manufacturing significant for this radiator? European production assures respect to strong quality and safety requirements, resulting in a product that is not just high quality but also trustworthy and long-lasting, separating it from those made in the Far East.

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Towel rails come with a 5-year warranty, and all electrical parts come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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