Towel Rail Valves & TRV

Elegant Radiators provides a broad range of towel rail valves to meet any heating demand and stylistic taste. Our selection includes angled towel rail valves, straight towel rail valves, and dual fuel towel rail valves, assuring compatibility with a variety of radiator configurations. Available in chrome and black colours, these valves not only provide excellent functioning but also improve the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Angled and Straight Towel Rail Valves

Our angled towel rail valves are ideal for installations with limited space, providing a clean and efficient connection to your pipes. For easier installations, our straight towel rail valves provide a perfect match with your heating system. Both options include heated versions to keep your towels warm and ready to use.

Heated Towel Rail Valves

Enjoy the comfort of warm towels with our heated towel rail valves. These valves are designed to work flawlessly with your towel radiator, ensuring continuous warmth and comfort in your bathroom.

Black and Chrome Towel Rail Valves

Our stylish black and chrome towel rail valves will add flair to your bathroom. These valves' sleek, modern appearance compliments a variety of décor styles, bringing a sense of refinement to your room.

Dual Fuel Towel Rail Valves

Our dual fuel towel rail valves offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to heat your towel rail using either your central heating system or electric power. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy warm towels year-round, regardless of your heating system's status.

Towel Rail Radiator Valves

Our towel rail radiator valves are designed to provide precise control over your radiator's temperature, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. Available in various styles and finishes, these valves are the perfect addition to any bathroom radiator setup.

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Elegant Radiators prioritises quality and client happiness. Our towel rail valves are made of strong materials to provide long-term performance and dependability. Explore our comprehensive selection of towel rail valves to find the ideal solution for your bathroom heating requirements.

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