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Explore our exquisite range of central heating radiators, designed to enhance the comfort and elegance of your bathroom spaces. Among our top selections is the 250mm Wide Chrome Towel Radiator, a sleek and functional addition to any elegant bathroom. This radiator is not only a storage solution for your towels but also ensures they are always warm and readily available. Its dual functionality provides both radiant heat and a dry, clean space for your towels.

The 250mm towel rail, ideal for homes and residential properties, boasts a compact width of 250mm with a 200mm pipe centre. Available in both chrome and white finishes, it seamlessly integrates with various bathroom décors. Its robust construction guarantees longevity and efficient heating.

Additionally, our collection includes options for different space requirements. For more compact spaces, consider our 200mm Chrome Towel Rail, which offers similar functionality in a smaller size. Each radiator in our collection is designed with efficiency and style in mind, ensuring your bathroom remains a cozy retreat.

Don’t forget to explore our range of valves, specifically designed to complement these radiators, enhancing their functionality and aesthetic appeal. For those seeking an alternative heating solution, we also offer electric versions of our popular models, combining convenience with modern heating technology.

Choose from our diverse collection of central heating radiators and elevate your bathroom experience with both style and comfort.

Our 250mm wide chrome towel radiator is the perfect addition to any Elegant bathroom. It stores towels and makes them warm & available at all times, but also provides radiant heat. Every bathroom needs a radiator for heating purposes. We all know that towel radiators are the best in bathrooms because they heat and keep your towels dry and clean. 

The 250mm towel rail is designed for use in homes and other residential properties. This heater has a width of 250mm and 200mm pipe centre is available in chrome and white finishes. 

Looking for wider size Towel Radiator? You can check our 300mm Chrome Towel Rail.

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