Electric Towel Radiator Timers With Built In Fused Spurs

Upgrading your bathroom with electric towel radiators is a smart choice, but to maximize their efficiency and convenience, you need the right timer. Our collection of timers with built-in fused spurs offers the perfect solution. Designed specifically for electric towel radiators, these timers not only enhance functionality but also ensure safety and compliance with electrical standards.

Why Choose Our Timers for Electric Towel Rails?

Electric towel radiators provide warmth and comfort, making them a popular choice in modern bathrooms. However, the right timer can elevate this experience by offering precision control over heating schedules, energy savings, and enhanced safety. Here’s why our timers stand out:

Built-In Fused Spur for Safety

Each of our timers comes with a 13A fused spur. This feature is crucial for electrical safety, ensuring that your towel radiator is protected against potential electrical faults. The built-in fused spur simplifies installation and ensures compliance with electrical regulations.

Variety of Timer Options

We offer three distinct types of timers, catering to different user preferences and needs:

• Booster Timers: Ideal for quick, temporary heating, these timers provide a boost of warmth exactly when you need it, perfect for those chilly mornings.
• Digital Programmable Timers: For those who prefer scheduled heating, our digital programmable timers allow you to set precise on and off times, ensuring your towel rail operates only when necessary.
• WiFi Smart Programmable Timers: Embrace the convenience of smart technology with our WiFi-enabled timers. Control your towel radiator remotely via a smartphone app, integrate with smart home systems, and enjoy flexible, on-the-go adjustments.

Features of Our Timers

Our timers are designed with user-friendly features and robust performance in mind:

Easy-to-Use Interface

Navigating the settings on our timers is straightforward, thanks to intuitive interfaces. Whether you’re setting a simple boost or programming a weekly schedule, the process is hassle-free.

Override Safety Switch

Safety is paramount, which is why all our timers include a rocker override switch. This feature allows you to manually turn off the timer, providing an extra layer of control and safety.

Energy Efficiency

By using our timers, you can significantly reduce energy consumption. Program your towel radiator to operate only when needed, avoiding unnecessary heating and lowering your electricity bills.

Stylish and Discreet Design

Our timers blend seamlessly into any bathroom decor. With sleek designs, they complement your towel radiator without drawing unwanted attention.

Advantages of Timers with Built-In Fused Spur

The integration of a built-in fused spur in our timers offers several advantages:

• Simplified Installation: No need for additional electrical components; our timers come ready to install.
• Enhanced Safety: Protection against overcurrents and electrical faults.
• Compliance: Meets electrical regulations, ensuring your installation is up to code.

Benefits of Using WiFi Timer for Electric Towel Radiators

Incorporating a WiFi timer for your electric towel radiator can significantly enhance your bathroom experience. Here are some notable benefits:

Energy Savings

One of the primary benefits of using a WiFi timer is energy efficiency. By scheduling your towel radiator to turn on only when needed, you can avoid unnecessary energy consumption. This is particularly useful as towel radiators typically take up to 30 minutes to heat up. You can program the timer to start heating just before you need it, ensuring warm towels without wasting energy.

Convenience of Ready Hot Towels

Imagine stepping out of the shower to find a perfectly warmed towel waiting for you. With a WiFi timer, you can schedule your towel radiator to ensure your towels are ready when you need them most. Whether it’s for your morning routine or after an evening bath, you’ll always have warm towels at your disposal.

Remote Control and Automation

A WiFi timer offers unparalleled convenience by allowing you to control your towel radiator remotely. Using a smartphone app, you can adjust the heating schedule, turn the radiator on or off, and monitor energy usage from anywhere. This level of control ensures your bathroom is always at the perfect temperature.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

WiFi timers can be integrated with other smart home devices, creating a seamless and automated home environment. Sync your towel radiator with smart thermostats, voice assistants, and other IoT devices to enhance your home’s functionality and comfort.

Features of Our Digital Timer Switches

Our digital timer switches come packed with features designed to make your life easier and more comfortable:

Programmable Timer with Display

Set up to seven different on and off times per day with our programmable timers. The clear display ensures you can easily see the current settings and make adjustments as needed.

Boost Function

Need a quick burst of heat? Use the 1 or 2-hour boost function to temporarily increase the temperature of your towel radiator, providing immediate warmth when required.

Override Facility

The override facility allows you to manually control the timer, providing flexibility and control over your heating schedule.

Summer/Winter Time Auto-Adjustment

Our timers automatically adjust for summer and winter time changes, ensuring your heating schedule remains accurate throughout the year.

Certifications and Compliance

Our digital timer switches are CE & UKCA certified, guaranteeing safety and compliance with industry standards.

Additional Features

• 7 Day Fused Spur Timer: Program different schedules for each day of the week to match your lifestyle.
• Patress Box Mounting Fit: Easy installation with a standard mounting fit.
• Double-Pole Isolation: Ensures complete electrical isolation for safety.
• Fits a 25mm Back Box: Compatible with standard electrical boxes.
• Internally-Linked Mains Switching: Provides robust and reliable performance.
• 200 Hour Running Reserve: Maintains your settings during power outages, ensuring your schedule is never disrupted.

How to Choose the Right Timer for Your Electric Towel Rail

Selecting the right timer depends on your lifestyle and heating needs. Here are some tips to help you decide:

For Quick, Temporary Heating

If you need rapid heating occasionally, a booster timer is your best bet. It provides immediate warmth for a short duration, perfect for unexpected cold snaps or quick drying of towels.

For Scheduled Heating

A digital programmable timer is ideal if you prefer a consistent heating schedule. Set your preferred times once, and the timer will handle the rest, ensuring your towel rail is warm when you need it and off when you don’t.

For Ultimate Convenience and Control

For tech enthusiasts and those who appreciate remote control capabilities, the WiFi smart programmable timer is the ultimate choice. Control your towel radiator from anywhere, integrate it with other smart home devices, and enjoy unparalleled flexibility.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing our timers is a straightforward process, but it’s always recommended to hire a professional electrician to ensure proper installation and compliance with local codes. Proper maintenance of your timer ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a WiFi timer save energy?

By allowing you to program your towel radiator to turn on only when needed, a WiFi timer helps avoid unnecessary heating, thus saving energy.

Can I control the WiFi timer remotely?

Yes, you can control our WiFi timers remotely using a smartphone app, providing convenience and flexibility.

What is the boost function?

The boost function provides a temporary increase in temperature for a set duration, offering immediate warmth when needed.

Are the digital timer switches easy to install?

Yes, our digital timer switches are designed for easy installation, but we recommend hiring a professional electrician to ensure compliance with electrical standards.

What certifications do your timers have?

Our timers are CE & UKCA certified, ensuring they meet high safety and quality standards.

Do the timers adjust for daylight saving time?

Yes, our timers feature automatic summer/winter time adjustment, ensuring your schedule remains accurate year-round.

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