How To Adjust Towel Rail Pipe Centres With Elbows?

How To Adjust Towel Rail Pipe Centres With Elbows?Pipe centres on radiators are important when you changing just the radiator without altering your pipes. Common mistake when towel rails are purchased is for pipe centre. Normally it is assumed width of the towel rail is the pipe centre but actually 40-45mm less than the width.

Standard size TOWEL RAIL sizes in the industry is between 400-600mm width. As Elegant Radiators, we are working hard to keep all possible sizes for your pipe centre, so you have straight forward job on replacing the towel rail. We have narrowest Slim Towel Rails with 200mm wide towel rails which has only 155mm pipe centre. We also stock below width towel rails;


 Pipe Centre

One Side
Elbow + A.Valve

Both Side
Elbow + A.Valve

200mm wide 155mm 220mm 285mm
250mm wide 205mm 270mm 335mm
300mm wide 255mm 320mm 385mm
350mm wide 305mm 370mm 435mm
400mm wide 355mm 420mm 485mm
450mm wide 405mm 470mm 535mm
500mm wide 455mm 520mm 585mm
550mm wide 505mm 570mm 635mm
600mm wide 555mm 620mm 685mm
650mm wide 605mm 670mm 735mm
700mm wide 700mm 720mm 785mm
750mm wide 705mm 770mm 835mm
800mm wide 755mm 820mm 885mm
850mm wide 805mm 870mm 935mm
900mm wide 855mm 920mm 985mm
950mm wide 905mm 970mm 1035mm
1000mm wide 955mm 1020mm 1085mm
1100mm wide 1055mm 1120mm 1185mm
1200mm wide 1155mm 1220mm 1285mm
1300mm wide 1255mm 1320mm 1385mm

If pipe centre is not same, pipes need to be bent accordingly. However, if you are not plumber and no tools available we have alternative option to this problem.

With elbows, pipe centre of the towel rail become exactly same with as towel rail width, just like normal panel radiators. You can then attach your angled valves for your pipes coming out of wall or floor. 

Each TOWEL RAIL ELBOW and ANGLED TOWEL RAIL VALVE will increase or decrease 60-70mm. 

Chrome Towel Rail Elbow For Angled Valve

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