Can I Paint The Towel Radiators?

Can I Paint The Towel Radiators?

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If you have towel radiators, you should know that they are beneficial and helpers in terms of good heating. Because they give a warm place as well as their decorative function. When your towel radiator loses its appealing look, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is to buy a new one. However, since the cost of purchasing a new radiator will be high for your budget, you may consider painting it instead of buying a new one. If you ask the question to yourself whether you can paint your towel radiator at home on your own, of course, the answer will surely become yes. However, for good painting, you should learn how to paint it properly and listen to our advice and some tips about painting.

Before starting to paint the towel radiator, you need to have a good preparation and get some materials.

1. Firstly, make a small research about painting the towel radiator.
2. Clean your radiator carefully it will help you get rid of the spots that can cause problems during painting.
3. Put a paper like newspaper, large paper on the surface of floor so there won’t be any paint stain after painting.
4. Sandpaper
5. A radiator paint or spray paint
6. Primer
7. Gloves
8. Mask

After having materials for painting, now let’s start to learn about how you will paint and what issues you have to be careful.

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Here are the steps of the painting the radiator:

1. Putting a large paper like a newspaper under the radiator : Because during painting your radiator, the cracked or small pieces may fall down
2. Cleaning your towel radiator: When you start to paint the radiator, firstly you need to get rid of entire surface of the radiator. This layer must be sanded. This work can take a long time, but if we think the result will be great, then the time doesn’t matter.
3. Using a towel radiator primer: It provides your towel radiator to withstand high temperature. Bear in mind! When you apply the surface of the radiator, let it dry for a while, maybe a few hours.
4. Painting time: After the process of application of the primer, you can start to paint with a suitable brush. The important point in painting is that you need a homogeneous mass. Make sure that you mix the radiator paint well, and applying 2 or 3 layers will be sufficient for the towel radiator.

In addition to steps mentioned above, there are a few important points that you have to focus on.

*Make sure that the towel radiator is off while painting. You mustn’t turn the radiator on during painting.
*On deciding to paint your towel radiator, a high quality paintwork materials will meet your need and give you an appealing look on the surface on the towel radiator.
*Try to apply a thin even layer due to avoiding the occurence of the bumps.
*Paint in the same direction.
*Do not use normal , everyday paints. You need to use the radiator paints which are resistant to heat and can not lose their colour as time passes.
*If you will paint the pipework as well, do not forget to put a cardboard between the radiator and wall. This small precaution will prevent the paint splashes.
*During using a spray paint on the surface of your towel radiator; Please do wear a mask for your health.


Your old radiators often lose their bright look over time. So, you can paint your radiator for a suitable cost according to your budget. Due to high and low heat of the radiators, expanding and shrinking can occur. For this reaon, you can see some cracks on the surface of the radiators. With a high quality radiator paint, you will find that solution. By painting a radiator, you can provide an eye-catching appearance in the room. All these issues depend on your choices. The questions like what paint or materials you have chosen and how you have painted will be heplful and useful for your painting.

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