What Size Heated Towel Radiator Do I Need?

What size i need towel radiatorHeated towel rails are efficient heaters for your bathroom or place where you will need warm. Of course, they have many variety of colours, shapes and designs. Because many choices about the heated towel rails, it won’t be surprising if you feel confused. For the question above, you need to consider a few things before buying a heated towel rail. So you need to read the article about the important points of choosing the correct size the heated towel rail you need. 

What size the heated towel rail should you need?

Before answering this question, you should know some points that will be decisive in choosing the correct size for your bathroom. That is why we have to careful about some issues such as; the size of bathroom, the number of the walls in the space where the heated towel rail is installed, the shape of the heated towel rail you have chosen or how it is mounted, the number of bathroom users. When we think about these similar questions and find the correct answers, you will get the right size of the heated towel rail. So here are our explanations that will help you.

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Is the shape important?

Let’s start with the shape of heated towel rails. There are many options you can find. The vertical or horizontal radiators can be seen as a decorative elements but they also provide the necessary warmth for your bathroom. If you have a small place to install your heated towel rail, choosing the vertical radiator can be a good choice for you. This type of radiator does not cover a large area and give enough warmth to your room. Even if you have a small space and you decide to choose the horizontal radiator, maybe in terms of its look, the structural dimensions of these kind of radiators can also adjusted.

Is the size of my bathroom an issue?

The size of your bathroom or area is an important issue that will help you find the correct size of heated towel rail. Right here, that question comes to mind? Are you buying for a large family bathroom or smaller one? So, you have to learn the height or width of your area before buying a heated towel rail. What we mean is that you need to consider the projection of a radiator, which is about 20mm-40mm, even in small places. Towel radiator typically varies in size from 400x400mm up to 1800x600mm and for larger bathrooms, we suggest a larger sized towel rail and for smaller bathrooms, you choose more convenient size that gives sufficient space to keep your towels.

Does the location matter?

The location of your heated towel rail will provide the correct size towel rail you want. Whichever external wall is suitable should be placed there. Generally it is thought to install under the window but of course it depends on whether it is appropriate for your bathroom. Because the suitability of location will give sufficient heat.

Is it necessary to think about BTU?

When you learn the BTU calculator to find out how much heat you require, this information will provide you to choose the correct size of heated towel rail you choose. The higher the BTU value, the more efficient the heating output will be. The factors such as whether your building, itself is well insulated or the windows in your room are double glazed or even the material used in the towel rail will be effective in choosing the right size for the towel rail. All these factors will affect the warmth of the area.

Is the towel rail free or fixed mounted?

Depending on the rest of your bathroom scheme ad the size of the room, you should decide where to install your heated towel rail. For this, you have two options such as freestanding t or fixed fitting heated towel rails. According to width and height of your bathroom, one of them can be installed to take the best and the most efficient heat from your towel rail. Here are some points we have to pay attention to such as the strength of the walls if you choose the fixed mounted.

Bear in your mind that besides the points we have mentioned above, even if you have a small place to install for your towel rail that you like, your bathroom can have a pretty nice look by choosing one from modern or traditional styles of heated towel rail.

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