How Do Towel Warmers Work?

How do Towel Radiator Work?

The heated towel rails  are the modern heaters of today’s world which add the luxury and appealing appearance to your room, kitchen or bathroom  as well as efficient heating. Who doesn’t like meeting a warm bathroom  after having a bath? There are many variety of heated towels. Some work with electricity; while the others work with central heating system. We  will have a look at the types of the heated towel rails.  Of course, there are also many benefits of the towel warmers. Firstly, let’s remember their benefits. 

1.They dry your towels quickly.

2.They reduce the dampness that occurs in the bathroom.

3.They give an appropriate warmth.

4.They have energy efficient option.

5. They have eye-catching design.

After remembering a few benefits of them  we have mentioned above, you may wonder how they work. In fact, their ways of working  is different and it depends on  which  towel rail you choose. Here, in this article let’s talk about a few details of how  the heated towel rails work.

We can classify the towels in three types; electric heated towel rails, hydronic towel rails and liquid filled  heated towel rails. Three  of them are highly efficient  and they can  have low energy consumption depending on where and how you are going to use it.

1.Electric heated towel radiator


Electric towel rails can work independently without connecting to your heating system. You can operate it with the electricity. These kind of towel rails can be a great way to keeping your place warm and dry especially your bathrooms. If you don’t have a central heating system in your house, the electric heated towel rail is suitable for you to heat up your room. Then the question comes to mind. How?

The electric heated towel rails are connected to the electricity and are worked by the electric power. If you don’t contain water inside, the metal rails heat up. It means that in this type, you do not need to consider plumbing or filling the rails. So, their installing is easy. Since they do not need water or liquid inside, the silicon sealed wire inside the bars or tubes heat your room. When choosing this type of heated towel, you can choose one of the options which have non- thermostatic or thermostatic features. The first one gives the opportunity to keep the heat of your room on a certain temperature, while the second one lets you change the temperature of the towel rail. These types of towel rails can easly dry your warms but it can not be sufficient your room. However, You can reach the temperature that you want in 5 minutes. It means that they heat up quickly.

Due to connecting up the mains electricity supply, you need a specialized electrician to install the towel rail.

2.Hydronic towel rails

The hydronic heated towel rails are connected to central heating system. In this system the towel rails are heated at the end of pumbing hot water through the rails. So this provides heating your house. The heating of the house is provided by the operation of the boiler and maintaining the temperature of the water inside. So, the hydronic towel rails heat up your home through the water that the boiler heats and the hot water that heating system sends to the pipes in your home. Due to the fact that your hydronic towel rail is connected to central heating system, they can be mounted on the wall or floor. This hydronic towel rails heat up to 55 degrees. And they can heat your room efficiently.

3.The liquid filled towel rails

They are operated with a liquid inside of the rails. When the electricity heats up the liquid in the rails, it provides the heating in the room. They contain water and corrosion inhibits inside. The electricity provides them to heat up and so at the end of this heating, our room gets warm. They contain pre-filled with anti-corrosion and they are ready to work by plugging into a power. After powering the towel rail, your room can reach maximum temperature in an hour.
When you decide to buy a heated towel rail, as you see the the types of them above, you may meet many options. If you need extra comfort for yourself in cold days, it is time to think about choosing the right heated towel rail for your house.

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