Straight Chrome Towel Rail Thermostatic Valve - Lockshield

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Enhance your bathroom experience with the Straight Chrome Towel Rail Thermostatic Valve - Lockshield, a clever combination of utility and design. This cutting-edge thermostatic valve not only provides perfect temperature control but also has a sleek, chrome-plated appearance that lends a touch of sophistication to any bathroom environment. Designed for ease and adaptability, it smoothly links with your central heating system to connect your towel radiator, keeping your towels warm and toasty when you need them. The valve's compatibility with floor pipes, as well as its flexibility to employ both 10 and 8 mm reducer adaptors for microbore pipes, make it a versatile option for any installation. Its fully reversible design allows for flow or return, with the choice of a vertical or horizontal head, accommodating a broad range of settings and preferences.


  • Precise Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature range from 8°C to 32°C for maximum comfort.
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for vertical or horizontal configurations, and ideal for any bathroom arrangement.
  • Compatibility: It easily fits 10-15mm pipes and may be used with reducer adaptors for microbore pipes.
  • Elegant Design: Chrome-plated body improves the aesthetics of your bathroom.
  • Safety Features: Features frost protection and a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.
  • Easy Integration: For easy installation, use the normal 1/2" tail and a British standard 15mm - 1/2" thread connection.
  • Lockshield Inclusion: Comes with a Lock Shield Valve for a tidy and secure installation.


  1. Can the Straight Chrome Towel Rail Thermostatic Valve be installed with any towel radiator?

    • Yes, it is intended to work with the majority of towel radiators, allowing for simple integration into your central heating system.
  2. Is this valve suitable for both high and low-pressure systems?

    • Absolutely, with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar, it is suitable for both high and low-pressure systems.
  3. How easy is it to adjust the temperature settings?

    • The valve has a user-friendly design that allows for easy temperature changes, ensuring that your towels are always at the ideal temperature.
  4. Can this valve be used with pipes coming from the floor?

    • Yes, it is built for a tidy installation using floor pipes, making it suitable for a variety of bathroom layouts.
  5. What makes this valve different from non-thermostatic radiator valves?

    • Unlike normal valves, this thermostatic valve allows you to precisely adjust the temperature of your towel rail, increasing both comfort and energy economy.

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