Determine The Ideal Home Temperature

Determine the Ideal Home Temperature

Finding the right temperature for the house you live in can sometimes strain you. Most people make mistakes when adjusting the appropriate ambient temperature. There are multiple causes that cause these errors.

Among the reasons for these errors are the preferences of partners in your household, the comfort of your pets, the humidity and climate impacts in your area and, most importantly, the inability to pick the appropriate radiator can force you to find the appropriate heat for your home and cause errors.

In this paper we will help you find the right temperature for your home and help you live a more comfortable and cozy life.

To what degree do experts recommend room temperature?

The WHO and the UK government's investigative results state that the room temperature required for you to live a healthy and comfortable life must be 65°F to 68°F with a minimum of 18°C to 20°C another term. And don't forget that some rooms need to be kept at a certain temperature.

Available Room temperature

Are you sure it's winter? It feels like it's in the sauna

Are the radiators broken or are we sitting on glaciers? I'm Frozen!!!

When winter comes, if you often hear any of the above sentences, you don't have the proper home temperature in the past. But don't worry, for over 10 years we've been working with you all over the world not to hear those sentences, especially in the U.K.

The size of your home, the quality and fidelity of the radiators you use in your home, the climate of the area where you live and even the clothes you wear during the day may be a barrier to finding the appropriate temperature.

Of course, your comfort is very important to us because it plays a key role in getting the right room temperature. Having a house that is too hot for your household while the product in your household may deteriorate, making you unprepared for the environment out there, and vice versa, living in a house that is too cold to treat diseases, which can bring mold and moisture along and lead to serious health problems.

In fact, there is one thing that all of this is about. The right radiator, the right heat and finally a healthy and comfortable life.

What do our users think?

With feedback from our users who purchase our products and use them at home, we find that the room temperature of 68°F is preferred for the majority. Although some of our users prefer to be in rooms that are a little warmer or a little colder, their collective decision was, again, the correct radiator selection and the Elegant Radiators. As Elegant Radiators, we provide you with quality, comfort and a healthy life. 

The right room is the right radiator and the proper temperature

Different room temperature available for each room. After a busy and tiring day, your living room is where you lie down on the sofa, open your favourite soap opera or movie, and rest the day's exhaustion and throw it away. Assuming you spend more time relaxing in these rooms, 68 degrees Fahrenheit and a radiator for your room will enable you to have the room temperature right for you.

We can offer you the Reina Designer Slimline Horizontal Radiator, which our users prefer most here, providing you with appropriate measurements and quality and comfort for each room, guaranteed for 5 years.

slimline desginer radiator

Good Sleep Ideal Temperature

To get a comfortable and good sleep, it needs to be in your living room at a slightly lower temperature. This temperature has to be between 61°F and 66°F. And the reason for that is that, because your body temperature falls during sleep, it causes you to sleep at a lower room temperature, healthier and more comfortably. Don't forget this! For old people and children, this heat may be a little bit higher.

For a comfortable and healthy sleep, we recommend the Reina Designer White Colona Traditional Column Vertical Radiator. With its vertical structure and quality, we can offer the best radiator for a healthy and comfortable sleep while taking up less room in your bedroom.

colona vertical radiators

Ideal bath heat after a hot shower

After a busy day, before moving into the living room, many of us want to get over the day's fatigue and stress by taking a hot shower. After a hot shower, your body can relax, while a cold bath welcomes you. This cold bath can cause you both to be depressed and to get sick. Who wants to be upset after a good shower? Our experts recommend that your bathroom be hotter than your living room. This temperature is proposed to be between 71°F and 75°F.

So what is the radiator for you that fits your bathroom? So our advice would be to use a towel radiator with multiple color and size options. Make no mistake that both stylish and wet towels will give you the most efficient heat in your bathroom with a bathrobe and a design that will let you dry your nappies.

chrome towel radiator

Less used rooms temperatures

In rooms where you use less and you are slightly exposed, as opposed to rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, we would suggest that you have to have an environment with lower temperatures than our experts recommend. The main reasons are not only to save energy, but also to provide a balance of heat for a suitable home. In these rooms, we recommend a temperature of between 59°F and 64°F.

And the Reina Designer White Colona Traditional Column Horizontal Radiator is our recommendation for use in these rooms. With its size, traditional construction and high quality to fit every room, these rooms will provide you with the most adequate temperature.

colona traditional towel radiator

Room temperature suitable for your babies

The more important your babies are to you, the more important they are to us. For babies to have a comfortable and healthy sleep, room temperature for the WHO to satisfy must be between 61°F and 68°F. Neither a colder nor a warmer nursery will be good for your baby's health and will cause severe health problems.

The appropriate room temperature, as well as the clothes you dress your babies and the blankets you cover, is of great importance to your baby's health. You should choose clothes and blankets based on the baby's body temperature, while you will provide the proper room temperature for your baby. The health of your babies is very important to all of us. Healthy babies mean healthy futures. Protect your babies.

And what we'd like to propose for you is the Reina Designer Line Vertical Steel Radiator. It will provide room temperature most convenient for your baby while giving you more room in your baby room with both its innocent looks and its vertical design and high quality.

reina designer line vertical steel radiator

Get the ideal temperature for your home for a whole year

The ideal temperature for your home for an entire year allows you to enjoy a comfortable, healthy and productive year at home. You will need to maintain this temperature in accordance with seasons and weather conditions after providing the ideal temperature for your home with electrode radiators of an optimal and quality. And while it may seem difficult for you, we have all the technologies for your comfort as an elegant radiator. We've been keeping a close eye on emerging and emerging technology with our expert teams.

Introducing our smart digital thermostats that control the temperature in your home for you. These appliances control the temperature of your home for you and provide the convenient home environment. It uses these devices to help you feel comfort, quality and peace in your home while conserving energy.

As an elegant radiator, we would recommend the most preferred Digital Fused Spur Timer Switch Wall Controller. It will help you wisely heat your house for the sake of you

digital fused spur timer wall controller

In this blog we've provided you with topics to help ensure the ideal temperature for your home. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our experts. Remember, the ideal temperature gives you a healthy life. Follow us, stay with health and elegant radiator.

Determine The Ideal Home Temperature FAQ

What is the ideal temperature for working?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States does not require employers to keep specific temperatures in the workplace, but it does recommend that employers keep the thermostat between 68°F and 76°F.

What is an unhealthy house temperature?

For people over the age of 65, a safe temperature is considered to be between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. In any case, the temperature inside your home should not fall below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, as this increases the risk of respiratory disease and even hypothermia if exposed for an extended period of time.

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