How To Choose Element For Your Electric Towel Rail?


Elegant Guide To Choose Element For Your Electric Towel Rail

Are You Confused About The Elements we offer?

If You Are Not Sure Which Element To Choose, This Is The Guide For You. 

We Have Stated All The Functions Of The Elements We Offer. We Have Elements From Rica, Cini - Terma And Ecoradco. 

Single Heat Element

Single Heat Element:

These Elements Are Fixed Temperature Elements. Normally They Do Heat Towel Rails Around 65C.

These Are The Cheapest Elements, Because There Is No Thermostatic Control, Cost A Lot Less. However They Can Be Hit And Miss with correct wattage.

Wattage Of The Element Needs To Be Chosen Very Carefully On This Fixed Temperature Element. If You Install Less Wattage Then Your Towel Rail Needs, You Will Have Very Slow Heating Towel Rail And You May Not Get The Performance You Desire. In The Other Hand, If More Wattage Installed, It Could Over Heat And Burn Itself Out If Over Heat Fuse Inside Triggered. Surface Temp Control Is Not Possible, If It's Too Hot To Touch ( For Kids ) You Can Not Reduce It.

We Don't Recommend Single Heat Elements Normally. 

Gt Thermostatic Element By Cini

Gt Thermostatic Element By Cini:

Gt Thermostatic Element Is One Of The Basic Thermostatic Element We Sell.

It Is Very Easy To Install Thanks 3/4 Rotating Controller Base. Easy To Adjust Direction Of The Controller Facing.

Also It Is Very Easy To Use, There Is Only Temp Dial, Turn It To Temp You Want And It Will Maintain That Temperature For You.  There Is No On/Off Button But Minimum Temp Setting Is Like Frost Protection, Hardly Comes On. You Need To Use Fused Spur Over Ride Button To Turn It Off Completely.

We Have Indicator Ring Light Above The Controller Dial, You Know When It's On And Heating.

As All Thermostatic Elements, It Runs Efficiently And Maintain The Temp You Need. Also You Can Control The Temp Of The Towel Rail, If Its Too Hot To Touch You Can Turn It Down Or Up.

For More Information On Gt Elements, Please Watch Our Short Review Video In Below Link:

MEG Thermostatic Element By Terma

MEG Thermostatic Element By Terma:

Meg Is Another Basic Thermostatic Towel Rail Element. Controlled By Buttons, You Have + & -  Buttons To Adjust 5 Level Of Heat. There Is No Temperature Dial On This Element But 5 Levels Of Heat Settings With 5 Led Indicator Light As Well As On/Off Button.

Led Lights Will Blink As It Is Heating And Become Solid When Its Reach The Temp You Need. 

Meg Till Remember The Previous Setting And Compatible With Our Timer Fused Spurs

For More Information On Moa Elements, Please Watch Our Short Review Video In Below Link:

MOA Thermostatic Element By Terma

MOA Thermostatic Element By Terma:

Moa Is Kind Of Meg With 2 Hours Booster Timer Button. Controls And Operates Same As Meg With Additional Timer Button. 

Booster Of Moa Is Fixed To 2 Hours, You Can Not Change Or Program 2 Hours.

Moa Till Remember The Previous Setting And Compatible With Our Timer Fused Spurs.

2 Hours Moa Dying Timer On Thermostatic Element Makes This Model Recommended For Dual Fuel Towel Rails. 

For More Information On Moa Elements, Please Watch Our Short Review Video In Link:

ECO-DIGI Thermostatic Element By Ecoradco

ECO-DIGI Thermostatic Element By Ecoradco:

Eco-Digi Thermostatic Towel Rail Element Works According To Room Temperature, Just Like Your Roomstat For Central Heating Control. There Is A Sensor On The Back Of The Element. It Is Recommended Element If You Would Like To Control The Room Temp Rather Than Towel Rail Surface Temperature. Can Be Hit And Miss Like Single Heat Elements.

This Element Has 4 Buttons And Digital Display For Temp & Timer Settings. Max Temp Setting Is 35C

1-5 Hours Booster Is Nice Addition To This Element Functionality. Can Be Set Between 1-5 Hours With 60Minutes Increase. You Can See The Ambient Room Temp. Blinking Dot On The Display Indicates The Booster Is On.

All Above Mentioned Elements Are Tested And Manufactured For Towel Rail Radiators. We Don't Recommend These Elements On Vertical, Horizontal Panel Or Designer Radiators, As Water Circulation May Get Restricted.

This element not compatible with our timer fused spurs. It will not remember the setting when its turned on!

For More Information On Moa Elements, Please Watch Our Short Review Video In Link: 

Single Heat Element Smart Thermostatic Heating Element MOA
Thermostatic NO Yes Yes
Wattages 150-250-300-400-500-600-700W 150-300-600-900W 120-200-300-400-600-800W
Cable (approx) 1.5mt 1.5mt 1.5mt
Booster No Yes - 1-5 hours adjastable Yes - 2 hours fixed
With Timer
Yes Yes Yes
Temp Sensor N/A Internal
Surface Temp
Surface Temp
Warranty 1 Year 2 Year 1 Year
Thread 1/2" Bsp 1/2" Bsp 1/2" Bsp
Control No Control Temp Dial Buttons
Dual Fuel Compatible Yes Yes Yes