Why choose a heated Towel Rail?

No matter what time of the year, there is no better convenience than having a nice, warm, dry, towel ready for you when you get out of the shower. Even on a fresh, Summer morning. They are stylish, compact, can hold more than one towel and they give out a lot of heat in the winter months. You can use our Towel Rails with a Central Heating system, Electric or both with the use of a Dual Fuel Kit (which is not as simple with a normal radiator)

So, if you are still undecided, read our in-depth explanation about why choosing a heated Towel Rail is such a great idea.

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designer bathroom radiator

The variety in styles, shapes and sizes is endless. They come in a choice of colours too, the most popular being Chrome, White or Black. From our top end designer rails to the sleek standard ladder Flat Chrome Towel rails 

Space Saving

Wether the rail is for your main bathroom or your tiny cloakroom you will find our towel rails available in a variety of sizes to complement any space perfectly.

Our sizes range from 200-1300mm wide and 400-1800mm high

You can use the tiniest of spaces to heat up your small cloakroom and dry your hand towels or you can make a statement with one of our larger designer radiators in your main living room.

Using the ladder style to dry your extra washing will ensure you don’t have washing scattered around your house too and it will be dry in no time whilst heating up your home.

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You can also purchase some handy added extras to save even more space to a small bathroom or just to make the most of your lovely rail. We stock toilet roll holders, pegs and hooks

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