Top 10 Best Places to Install Small Towel Radiators

Top 10 Best Places to Install Small Towel RadiatorsWhen you have limited space, especially when renting, a radiator may lack space because literally, every inch matters. No matter how tiny your area may be, you need a warm and livable space. So, what are the top 10 best spaces for small radiators? You sure will have options by the end of this article.

One tip for finding the best place for a small radiator is to identify the coldest spot in the house, especially in the room you tend to spend most of your time in. For most people, that is the living room. You can find spaces like an idle corner, next to a patio door, below a window, or in a fireplace that you do not use.

1. Idle corners

There is always that corner in a home where nothing seems to fit. Corners can be awkward to style because most things are too big to fit in the corner space or don’t look right sitting there. Instead of leaving that space bare, you slip a small radiator in there. It will take up the space nicely and even be hidden if you are too concerned about aesthetics.

2. Hallway

You have to take advantage of every little space available in a small space. Even the hallway can host a small radiator and prevent it from taking up space that can be used to host furniture and other decor items. And truthfully, you don’t always need the entire space in the hallway to find your way out or into the house.

3. Under a window

Another complex space to accessorize is the space below a window. You always want to be cautious because placing huge furniture in front of a window can make a small room even small and darker. On the other hand, a small radiator will fit perfectly below that space and not block light from getting into the room.

4. Next to a door

Like below a window, next to a large door is another ideal place to put your small radiator.

5. Spare bedroom

If you are lucky to have the luxury of a spare bedroom, then when to place your small radiator should not stress you one bit. You can easily store it there and forget that you even had one.

6. Under the stairs

The space under the stairs often goes unutilized, especially if it is tiny. And if it is used at all, it could store away stuff for the short term. You can make that a permanent home for a small radiator.

7. Cloakroom

Another popular place to put a small radiator is a cloakroom. It is a stylish addition that can also be used for drying towels with the addition of rails onto the radiator.

8. In the kitchen

The kitchen may be an unexpected space to place a radiator, but you could spare some and fit a tiny one. If you use your kitchen for socializing, the small radiator can be a worthy inclusion.

9. Dressing room

It would help if you also had some comfort when dressing up or doing your hair or make-up because sometimes it takes a long time to achieve that look. Installing a small radiator in your dressing room wouldn’t be a bad idea.

10. In the bedroom

Last but not least, the bedroom. It would help if you had a little warmth to make the bedroom comfortable and cozy for a peaceful rest. You can fit the radiator at the foot or side of the bed.

FAQs on Top 10 Best Spaces for Small Radiators

1 Q: What is the best space for a small radiator?

A: The best place for a radiator is in the coldest part of the room. For small radiators, you also have to make sure they are not blocked by furniture or curtains because it will significantly reduce their efficiency.

2 Q: How much space does a small radiator need?

A: It is advisable to leave at least 150mm around a small radiator and at least 200mm from the wall.

3 Q: Is it advisable to place a small radiator near a window?

A: You can place your small radiator near a window but keep the window closed when you turn on the radiator so that no heat is lost to the outside.


With the variations designs that small radiators chrome, you can find plenty of spaces to place it. You can also find cute radiator covers to disguise your small radiator so that it does not alter the general interior design of your space. We hope our ideas on the ten best places to place your radiator help.


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