Is There Something Wrong With My Radiator?

Something Wrong Towel RadiatorThe towel warmers or radiators are source of our cosiness at home. They are great helpers to make easy our lives at home. Imagine the happiness and pleasure you have after getting out bath or shower to warm towels. Who doesn’t want this? However, when you face the opposite situation, we mean, the cold room, and you realize there is a problem with your radiator, of course you won’t feel enjoyable. If your radiator doesn’t work properly, that is, give enough heating or warmth for your room, you should do some controls to learn where the problem comes from. First of all, you need to get information which reasons affect your radiator to go bad or why it does not wok in a proper way.
Here, we will show you possible reasons that may cause your radiator to work poorly.


In fact, it can be the easiest problem to fix. If your radiator has a leak, the first thing you will do is to find out where it leaks from. As you know the radiators send the heat to the room with the help of water(mostly) in pipes. Maybe, lackness of annual maintenance causes the radiators to leak the water. So, try to find with a towel to dry your radiator. The connection points of radiator such as the radiator itself, bleed point and water pipes are the areas where the leaks can come from. What about fixing it? Don’t worry ! Solving that problem is the easiest one. Because it can occur when your valve is half open. The solution is to tight it.

Towel Radiator


This is the most common reason for you radiators to leak water. It occurs over time. As time is passing, inside of your radiators there may be mud or sludge at due to lackness of maintenance. So, this situation gives a big damage on the boiler, pump and valves and so it causes the radiators to be inefficient and not work well. What should we do to stop this corrosion? In fact, we can have a solution by bleeding your radiator frequently and using a central heating inhibitor to prevent the corrosion.


When your radiator becomes cold and doesn’t work properly, we can face to another problem. Especially, we can come across the radiators that connect with the central heating system. In this situation you can bleed the radiator. The air fills the radiator and prevents the hot water to go to the system. In spite of this solution, if the problem goes on, you can get help from a technician. Furthermore, if your radiator has a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve), you can check your thermostatic radiator valve that can detect the temperature in the room. The problem may come from the valve sticks or catches. You can do it by following the steps of operating manual of the TRV.


If the radiator becomes too hot, the first thing you can do is that you can switch the radiator off and turn on the radiator or turn down slightly. It can work if that is the problem. However, in cases where this is not working, there may be a problem in the operation of central heating system, that is, a blocker which is inside of the radiator can force the heating system and cause excessive heat. Because you can not do it on your own, you need a professional help.

We have mentioned some issues that may occur in your radiator. Some problems can be resolved by the customers while some are needed to get help from an expert. If the problem is not resolved despite all your attempts you have done, you can consider upgrade your radiator. Any question that comes to your mind, you will find the answer on our site.

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