How To Reduce Wall To Pipe Centre On Towel Rails

How to reduce towel radiator pipe centre

Can you reduce wall to pipe centre / projection on ladder towel rails?

First of all what is wall to pipe centre? It is measured from wall to your centre of the Towel Rail valve inlet or centre of the central pipe.

Towel Rail brackets are adjustable from 70mm to 90mm wall to pipe centre, they are telescopic, can be extended between 70-90mm but not possible to reduce it less than 70mm. 

You may want to reduce it for wall to pipe centre or because of the projection from wall due to door or cabinets.

Standard ladder type Towel rail brackets are made from ABS plastics, which is hard and strong. Can be cut with Hacksaw or Angle Grinder as per your installation needs.

If you loose the grub screw hole new one can be opened with heated nail or small drill bit. Drilling on round tube can be dangerous, please take necessary precautions and use adjustable pliers to hold the bracket while you drilling. You need a thin guide hole for grub screw to bite inner part ( the part attached to the towel rail ) so your towel radiator will not come off the wall.

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