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Dual Fuel Towel Rails

When you come to your house after a tiring day, the feeling of a warm house is priceless. And when getting out of the bath it’s fabulous to have a warm bathroom and to wrap yourself in a warm towel when it’s cold outside. So dual fuel towel radiators are perfect to your bathroom.

What are the dual fuel towel rails?

Dual fuel towel rails are connected to the central heating , but have an electric element inside, for use when the main central heating is off,i.e during the summer. Dual fuel towel rails work with an adaptor which allows the fitting of an electric heating element whilst at the same time allowing the continuous flow of the central heating water. If you switch off the central heating system you can still use your dual fuel towel rails with the electric elements to keep your bathroom warm. Hence, you can use them in only the space that you want independently of the central heating system.


Before buying a radiator or heated towel rail for your bathroom, you should pay attention to the following.

a) Your budget?

Dual fuel towel rails can help you save money on your energy bills because you don’t have to use the whole heating system . These towel rails allow you to heat your bathroom both in winter by using central heating and summer time with the usage of electricity. Because of the electric heating element, the dual fuel towel rails can be used independently and you don’t have to switch on your central heating and gives you control and flexibility. So you can think about the model that fits your needs and budget.

b) Energy efficient

Even though electricity is a little more expensive than gas, you are only using it when you need it, and dual fuel radiators can be used independently of the main central heating system.

c) Flexibility

The thermostat that is used in dual fuel towel rails allows you to maintain a cosy and constant temperature, with timer and temperature controls whenever you use the radiator.


When you look for a dual fuel towel rail ,whether it’s a traditional or modern designs, pay attention to the following points.

1) What size dual fuel towel rail do you need?

There are many sizes to choose from, tall, short, wide or narrow, depending of the space available or the size of the room you wish to heat

2) Colour:

Dual fuel radiators come in variety of colours options, like Anthracite, black, brass, chrome, copper, nickel, silver. What ever your taste or decor you can find a colour that suits.

3) Functionality

Obviously these radiators heat your house, but they also provide the ability to heat areas of your home that require to be kept warm when the main central heating is switched off.

4) Accessories

Smart heating Controls, toilet roll holders, towel hooks and bars and pipe sleeves are some of the accessories that you may want for your radiator. Smart heating controls allow you to control your heating when you’re not at home, therefore saving on energy costs. The other accessories are little things to enhance your radiator and make it even more functional.

In summary, a dual fuel towel rail gives the opportunity to select the gas central heating system or mains electric when you need to. Both options will keep your towels and bathrooms warm and dry. You will be satisfied when you use the dual fuel towel rail.

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