Most Common Finishes Chrome Plated Towel Rails

Most Common Finishes Chrome Plated Towel Rails

Bathrooms are one of the most significant rooms in the house. Because of that, nowadays the bathrooms have much more designs which contain different materials, fixtures than ever before. To keep your bathrooms or kitchens warm and dry, the usage of the heated towel rails is increasing day by day. It has been so popular for many years. So chrome plated towel rails offer you a fantastic addition for your radiators.

To enhance the beauty and function of your bathroom, the chrome plated towel rails are perfect in terms of any possible interior design

Chrome towel rails contain a great selection of designs which includes many options from traditional lines to modern styles. Chrome plated objects are comparatively vulnerable to scrathes but the quality of the chrome plating devices depends on how many layers are used. The metallic shine of chrome attracts the people who wants to buy a heated towel rail.

The chrome plating is used more common and suitable for the electric heated towel rails. It can be used decoratively. When you use the chrome layer ,it will provide corrosion resistance and a smooth, shiny surface. Chrome-plated towel rails seem more aesthetic because of the shine when we compare with stainless steel. Moreover in terms of the the price, chrome towel rails are almost cheaper. If you want to buy an economical radiator, chrome plated towel rail is definitely worth seeing. Chrome plating is the technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a plastic or metal surface. Bear in mind that chrome plating is flexible and long-lived so your beautiful heated towel rail will maintain its good looks into the future. It will provide you to be confident and have an efficient heat for your bathroom or kitchen.

Heated Straight Towel Rail Radiator Chrome


The other choice for a good radiator that we will present you is the powder coated towel rail. First of all, what is the powder coating? The powder coating is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish which can be used on any metal materials.

Well, the other question is that what the benefits of the powder coated towel rail are.

First one is the texture. It means if you want a smooth surface after applying the powder coating without any brush marks or trickle, the right choice will be the powder coated towel rail.

The second benefit of the powder coating is the color variety. You will have the flexibility to choose the different colors that fit your bathroom according to your taste.

The other advantage is that application process. A single appplication will give your bathroom efficient look. Even though powder coating can be more expensive than painting because of the professional tools and labor to apply it, our customers, who choose to buy the powder coated towel rail, make sure that a powder coat will last far longer than a painted finish.

In addition to the benefits above, in respect of the durability the powder coated towel rail can be a perfect option for the customers. Because of the thick and sticky finish that is used on the surface the powder coating will offer a lasting and appealing look.

The most significant advantage of powder coated towel rail is that it is environmentally friendly. Because it doesn’t have volatile organic compounds so it doesn’t give damage to people’s health.

In short, when we compare two products, powder coated towel rails can be more expensive but more efficient because of the opportunities they offer. On the other side, even with a suitable budget, you can get an impressive and stylish radiator by choosing chrome plated towel rail.

Whatever you choose or whatever you decide to buy the powder coated towel rail or chrome plated towel rail, you will find an option suitable for a good radiator according to your budget and your taste.

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