What Are Smart Electric Radiators?

smart electric radiators wifi timer

Smart electric radiators and heaters are the next generation of electric heating appliances, providing a controllable system fit for modern living. Smart electric radiators support Bluetooth or WiFi control via a compatible smart device and an associated app controller, allowing for convenient temperature management from the palm of your hand and without the need for any manual adjustments. Some of our smart electric radiators and heaters even support voice control via Amazon's Alexa, allowing for completely hands-free heating with the sound of your voice. Look no further than an intuitive, smart device or app controllable, and energy-efficient smart electric radiator to upgrade your heating.

Smart Technology That is Cutting-Edge

Electric smart radiators are the pinnacle of electric heating technology, providing advanced control that other products lack. Our WiFi-controlled smart electric radiators allow you to manage the temperature of your heating system from anywhere in the world using your smart device, ensuring you always have complete control over your heating system. Have you forgotten to turn off your heating before leaving for work? You know you'll be home later than usual? You can instantly relay changes to your heating on the go with a simple swipe and tap, whether you're at work, on the bus, or on your doorstep. App controlled radiators are an excellent feature for residential properties, vacation rentals, and rental properties because they put you in complete control with no effort.

Consider a Wifi controlled smart electric radiator for instant heater control when you're at home. You can adjust your heating without leaving your seat by using a compatible smart device, allowing you to control every radiator in your system without having to traipse around your home and manually adjust each one. It's the modern way to manage your heating without sacrificing anything.

WiFi Smart Electric Radiators?

WiFi controlled smart electric radiators have advantages and thrive in different environments. A Bluetooth smart radiator is ideal for convenient control while you're at home. Changes to your heating are relayed via radio frequency to your heaters via an app on an Android or iOS device, allowing you to adjust your schedule and make instant changes when you're present in your home.

Choose a WiFi controlled smart electric radiator if you want to control your heating from anywhere in the world. WiFi-controlled radiators connect to your home router, and any changes made on your smart device are relayed over WiFi, adjusting your system's smart electric radiators almost instantly. If you have an internet connection, you can adjust your heating from wherever you are, ensuring you always have access to your schedule in case you need to make any last-minute changes.

For controller smart phone you can use tuya app.

For IOS, For Play Store

Explanation of Smart Electric RadiatorsĀ Energy-Saving Features

Smart electric radiators include a slew of intelligent energy-saving features that are intended to make heating as simple as possible. The following is a list of the most common:

Smart Electric Radiators Wifi Timer Features

Code JKFSWT Product

Fused Spur Timer-7 day Programmable

Color White Function 0
Input voltage AC240V Programmable 40 group (On and Off)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Current rating 16A
Working temperature -20ā„ƒ to 45ā„ƒ Power rating 3800W
Product Rating Glass ā…” Material PC
Packing size 90x90x52mm/167g Carton size/Qty/G.W 375x285x280mm/12kgs


Can I make my electric radiator smart?

You can, of course, make your radiator smart. What you need to do is purchase our new wifi timer wall controller.

smart electric radiator - wifi timerĀ 


Smart Electric Radiators FAQ

Are smart electric radiators expensive to run?

The radiator converts all of its energy into heat, making it a highly efficient appliance. Despite its efficiency in converting energy to heat, electricity is costly to operate.

How do smart electric radiators work?

Motion Detection - In its most basic form, a smart electric radiator uses motion detection to turn on. More advanced devices can even generate a heating schedule based on previously detected movement patterns. Voice control - You can use Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant to control your wifi electric heater.

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