Benefits of Dual Fuel Radiators

Benefits of  Dual Fuel Radiators

Dual-Fuel radiators are equipped with both conventional valves and an electric element. They provide a versatile and efficient method of home heating. In the winter, they can be heated by the central heating system. While in the summer, they can be heated by an electric element.

A heated towel radiator was once considered a luxury reserved for ultra-wealthy people. But they are becoming trendy in British homes over time. Installing a towel radiator will be a decision you will never regret. Who wouldn't want to emerge from the shower with a warm, fluffy towel on a cold winter day? This guide will help you understand dual fuel towel radiators to decide what is best for your home.

Read on to discover why a dual-fuel radiator should be at the top of your wish list...

  1. Warmth throughout the year:

With the fluctuating temperatures of the British summer, the ability to heat a single room without turning on the central heating system and overheating the rest of the house is a handy feature during the time of year when the weather is slowly transitioning from Summer to Autumn. It is not yet cold enough to turn on the radiators, but you can feel your body chilled when you step out of the shower. This is where a dual fuel towel radiator comes in. Turn on the towel warmer before taking a shower to heat the room and your towels. Then you step out of the shower comfortably and be greeted by a warm fluffy towel. Rather than having to brave the cold bathroom and then, to add insult to injury, wrap yourself in a wet, cold towel.

It also means that if you have a room in your home that is colder than the rest of the house, you can install a dual-fuel radiator to heat that room without heating the entire house.

  1. Adaptability:

In addition to providing warmth regardless of the season, dual fuel radiators feature an extensive selection of available options. Depending on your needs, they may include a built-in timer, multiple temperature settings, and Bluetooth connectivity for controlling the element via your mobile phone. These advanced radiator heating elements give you complete control over your radiator; the GT Thermostatic Element Ā + Ā Timer Fused Spurs,Ā allowing you to program your radiator to turn on and off up to four times in 24 hours at predetermined temperatures. Our Thermostatic element has temperature settings ranging from 15Ā°C to 65Ā°C that you can program to activate every 12 or 24 hours.

  1. Environmentally responsible and cost-effective:

Dual fuel radiators are much more cost-effective than central or electric radiators, allowing you to select the most cost-effective heating method based on the season. Some individuals oppose dual-fuel vehicles because they believe electricity is an expensive energy source. However, if only one room is cold, turning on a single dual-fuel radiator unnecessarily uses much less energy than turning on the central heating system and heating the entire house. This will save you energy and money on your heating bills.

In addition, if you combine your dual-fuel radiator with a thermostatic heating element with a timer, you can make it even more energy- and cost-efficient. This allows you to use the heating element for brief periods, such as before a shower.

How do I utilize a dual-fuel towel radiator?

Dual fuel towel rails are simple to use once you know how, but you must be aware of their proper application. It would be good to keep in mind that they can only be used as either a radiator for central heating or an electric radiator. You cannot use both simultaneously.

How to convert a dual-fuel towel rail to electric use during the summer:

  • Please turn off the radiator's inlet orĀ outlet valves to disconnect it from the central heating system.This will stop heat dissipating through CH pipes.
  • Either loosen the bleed or return the valve, taking care to do so carefully and only slightly. It is essential to prevent radiator pressure from building up.
  • You may now safely activate the heating element.

How to install a dual fuel towel rail during the winter months:

  • Turn off the heating element.
  • Tighten the return or bleed valve.
  • Fully open the inlet and outlet valves.Ā 


We hope this blog post will assist you in searching for the ideal dual-fuel towel radiator. Remember that the primary advantage of dual fuel is the ability to use it even when the central heating system is off, resulting in warm and dry towels throughout the year.

Please be aware of heat outputs when shopping for radiators online. Before placing an order, you should always begin by determining the necessary output for your space. Utilize our straightforward BTU calculator to determine the required heat output.


Will my bathroom be adequately heated by my towel radiator?

There is a high chance if you have small to medium-sized bathrooms. Not only will your towels be warm and dry, but the towel radiator will adequately heat your bathroom. If having a thoroughly heated bathroom is of utmost importance to you, consider installing two radiators to disperse the heat more broadly, or consider investing in a towel radiator with higher heat output.

Where can I hang my towel?

Modern insulation allows you to hang your towel rail on almost any wall, but the coldest wall is best. For maximum efficiency, hang it on the bathroom's exterior wall.

Why a cold wall?

Because it evenly distributes heat, the whole room feels warm and cozy.

Nobody wants to run across the bathroom to get their towel from the towel rail. Make sure it's in a convenient location as well as an efficient one.

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