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  • Fast Dispatch
  • High Quality Finish
  • Tested to BS EN 442 Standards
  • Made From Quality Mild Steel
  • 10 bar Pressure Tested
  • Wall Fixing Brackets Included



Width: 300mm
Height: 600mm
Wall To Pipe Centers: 75-95mm
Projection From The Wall: 90-110mm
Heat Output Btu: 769 BTU/h
Heat Output Wattage: 226 W
Tube Layout  3 + 4 + 4 = 11 Tubes Total
Finish: Black
Design: Flat / Straight 
Material: Steel
Usage: Electric only

 Whats included in the box:

  • 4 x Adjustable Black brackets
  • 4 x Screws, rawl plugs and washers
  • 1 x Blanking and Bleeding Plug
  • 1 x Choice of Heating Element


Does Element comes installed?
Unfortunately we can not install the elements into the towel rail. This is because of the increased weight of the Pre-Filled towel rail radiator.

Can I Install The Element On Top Instead?
No, element must be installed into the bottom of the towel rail radiator. Because heat rises, element will overheat itself and may cause of fire. Also towel rail will not heat as it should.

What is the difference between single heat and thermostatic elements?
Single heat elements has no control for the temperature. Can be just on or off and will not regulate the temperature of the towel rail radiator. However can be wired into wall timers or wall controllers. 

Thermostatic elements comes with built in temperature control and it will regulate the towel rail radiator temperature according to your setting. Some models comes with 2 hours drying mode timer ( also used as booster ) or programmable built in timer.  

Filled with Oil or Water?
We use Reverse Osmosis water ( also known as RO water ) in our Pre-Filled electric towel rail radiators. RO Water has no hard chemicals and will not cause any lime-scaling problems. Our filling mediums contains inhibitor + silencer and minimum 85% RO Water.

Can I Choose The Side Of The Element On Towel Rail?
We don't ship our electric towel rails with element installed on them. Elements can be installed into the left or right hand side at the bottom of the towel rail.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact us or use online live helpline at the bottom right corner of this page

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