The Electric Heated Towel Rails


Modern electric heated towel rails are safe, efficient and cost effective. They are designed to warm a  bathroom even in cold winters. Here are some of their advantages; 


Why should you choose heated electric towel rails? 

They are a great solution if you don’ t have a central heating system in your house. Due to increased  technology, you can choose excellent products that meet the needs of a modern family.

First of all , heated towel rails are very easy to install (by a qualified electrician). Even if you don’t  have gas or a central heating system, it doesn’t matter because electric heated towel rails are not  part of central heating system, they work independently by connecting to the mains electricity  supply, and heat your bathroom fast and efficiently.

Additonally, an electric heated towel rail is generally mounted on a wall, there are many sizes that  will fit your room or bathroom, so the space will feel stylish and luxurious .Because the electric heated towel radiators come in a range of styles and sizes, they are ideal for extensions, conversions  and awkward spaces. They can be placed virtually anywhere and are easy to clean and maintain.

Towel Rail

The electric heated towel rails are affordable, come in many different varieties that fit your budget, and are cost effective, because you can turn them on or off it whenever you need.

 the electric heated towel rail can control the temperature in your home . You can have the  thermostatic and and non thermostatic options , known respectively single heat and variable heat. The single heat means that your radiator has only one level of temperature output. Single heat is  used to control the system in your home while variable heat adjusts its variable temperature to  meet your comfort needs. Both temperature options provide you great flexibility even if you are not  at home.

Simply downloading an app to your phone or tablet gives you the opportunity to control the electric  heated towel rails by using wifi even if you are not at home. So you can adjust the temperature to  perfection for when you return home. If you don’t have an electric heated towel rail with wifi, you  can have a 24/7 timer control which will help you to set the electric radiator on or off saving you  money when you are not at home.

towel rail radiator

Electric towel rails are made from many different materials which can vary in affordability and  efficiency. chrome, stainless steel, mild stee, aluminium. Some are more durable and affordable while  others are more resistant and popular. Of course it depends on what your choice and need will be.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of the electric heated towel rails, choice of sizes, controllability  and efficiency, you just have to choose the perfect one for you that will enhance your bathroom and  lifestyle.

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