Terma REG3 Thermostatic Towel Rail Element Review

Looking for thermostatic towel rail element? We review them all in depth so you can find all the answers you looking for. 

We are reviewing Terma REG3 thermostatic element in this post

Safety first, we recommend all electrical installations carried out by qualified electrician.

REG3, made by market leader Terma in Poland in EU. Terma is in the heating market since 1990 and their products designed with a lot of experience. 

REG3 is the basic variable thermostatic element with cheaper price tag compared to other models. 

Whats in the package: 

REG3 comes with user manual in English - Polish - French - German and Spanish language. We also include general Do & Don't Guidance for thermostatic elements.


Elegant Teardrop shape controller housing has a rotatable controller ring. 


Controller part is made from high quality ABS plastic and comes in White - Chrome and Black finish to match your towel rail radiator. 

Heating part of the element (which is not visible when installed) contains heating element and sensor probe. Sensor probe is shorter than the heating element and tip of the sensor should not touch heating element.

Seal at the bottom of the thread is special made and seals perfectly. Please avoid over lightning as it will damage the rubber seal. PTFE tape is not required but recommended as always.

How To Use: 

It could not be more easy and simple to use. The ring in the middle is the controller and you can twist it backward and forward to. Led lights make the chosen setting is visible.
It good to remember that ring is not 360˚ and forcing it not recommended. You will feel the ring clicks on every setting you changing.

What you should avoid with REG3 towel rail element;

  • Wiring and turning the element on before installed and immersed in filled towel rail
  • Wiring the mains power without fuse or fused plug
  • Screwing and tightening without spanner no:22

REG3 Variable Thermostatic Element Specifications;

Voltage:  220 - 230V @ 50Hz
IP Rating: IPX5
Fitting Size: 1/2" BSP Thread
Available Wattage: 120W - 200W - 300W - 400W - 600W - 800W - 1000W
Cable Length: 1.5mt Matching colour cable is attached and no plug wired

User Manual Can Be Downloaded From This Link

 Frequently Asked Questions;

Can I use REG3 towel radiator element with timer?

Yes you can. Intelligent controller unit will remember the setting when the timer turned on.

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