How To Choose The Right Heated Towel Radiators?

Before buying a towel rail for your bathroom, think about whether you need one or not. Choosing the right heated towel rail for your bathroom depends on the space you have and the style you desire. Pay attention to the points in the guide below to give you all the information you will need to make your decision easier.


how to choose radiator?

If you have a central heating system, you can buy a towel rail to fit your existing radiator valves. There are many sizes and styles to choose from.

If you have only electrics mains supply and no central heating system. There are towel rails which contain electric-powered low watt elements, that can be easily installed by a specialist electrician.

If you have both an electric element and central heating system at your home, a dual fuel towel rail can be used independently, with only electric element, this can be good option for you.


Bathroom size towel rail

Measure your room accurately so you can fit the right size right towel rail. It doesn’t matter what size or shape of bathroom you have, there are many different models of towel rails for even the most awkward of spaces, for example, a flat geometric panel can provide your bathroom with a more designer look and create extra space for storage.


Maybe the look of your bathroom does not reflect your style in respect of the decor. Don’t worry, today’s heaters come in many different styles from traditional to modern, chrome and stainless steel.

Choosing the right model of towel rail will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. And you need to know which parts will complete the look before buying a new heated towel rail in terms of the finish (such as chrome plated, white painted, brushed stainless steel or stainless steel), styles (traditional or modern designs) or parts (such as heating elements or radiator valves.


Depending on your budget, buying a new heated towel rail can become more affordable than ever before. But with many technological innovations you should be careful about additional costs, so here are some tips to help you save some money. With some research you can decide which will fit to your budget and gain some different opinions from tradesmen. Labour costs can also differ depending on your location. Our web site will show you many different styles for your budget and it is worth keeping in mind that you will get your new appealing and stylish bathroom at a low cost low cost.


What type radiator

The towel rails can be divided into several types such as freestanding, wall hung or floor mounted. Wall-mounted towel rails do not need to have big spaces to install, free up floor space, and look stylish while drying and warming towels and bath robes. The freestanding type gives you more flexibility because you can move it where it’s needed, warm or heat your bathroom and keep your towels dry and warm as a classic radiator. In conclusion, heated towel rails can do more than just keeping your towels and bath robes warm. In terms of the colour, finish, material style and type, they enhance your environment, and you can purchase the heated towel rail you want according to your budget.

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